Mental Wellness Programs
Our mental wellness programs focus on delivering a holistic approach to mental health. We incorporate art as silent voices in our programs and empower clients to take charge of their own mental wellness. Our programs do not use jargon and aim to break the stigma associated with mental illness. To make it easier for our clients we use narrative therapy, art and the PERMA model to connect with our audience.

Transcultural Mental Health Workshop
These workshops focus on creating a dialogue about mental health and wellness with people from Cultural and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds. We facilitate workshops for populations that come from communities where mental illness medical language is not available in their own language. As a consequence stigma still exists because of cultural beliefs. We use jargon-free language so clients can have a greater understanding of mental health, mental wellness and mental illness. Our goal is to inform and empower clients to take charge of their mental wellness.

Mental Health Consultancy
There is an increase in mental illness and the related stigma attached to it. This can have far reaching costs and impact on productivity of the workforce. Unfortunately, most organisations do not know how to support their employees, or how to create a therapeutic environment. We provide advice, consultancy on workplace mental wellness and formulation of strategic mental wellness programs. Our goal is for attending delegates to have a greater understanding of mental wellness and support their employees. We will provide clients with practical solution focused tools on how to formulate workplace mental wellness policies and procedures. Organisations and their employees will leave the session with a clear understanding of their roles and will be equipped to create and foster a therapeutic environment.