Hello, I’m Tandi
Tandi is a Zimbabwe born Australian who has a passion for mental wellness and social justice. She uses social determinants of health to frame a holistic approach when training and inform her audiences knowledgeably, passionately and eloquently about mental wellness. Tandi employs bespoke packages for impactful delivery of a reality that is often misunderstood and usually a source of unease.

As a trained and registered mental health practitioner with extensive experience across the fields of adult, adolescent and post-natal mental health services, Tandi cites real life stories and scenarios to motivate, captivate and inform.

Tandi is an inspiring community-minded individual who has a passion for raising awareness of mental health and wellness in targeted ethnic minority groups. In 2016 Tandi won a Nifnex award (Top 100 influential person of the year). She is a graduate of the African Leadership Initiative and sits on the steering committee of the same program.

Since the launch of Mental Wellness Keys, Tandi has delivered workshops to schools, colleges and non-profit mental health service providers. She was invited to appear as a panellist at the African Studies Association of Australia and the Pacific (AFSAAP) 2017 conference. She presented a paper on Mental Illness in People of African Descent and was a speaker on Multicultural Mental Health at the G200 2017 Youth Summit in Dubai. A recipient of Federation of Ethnic Communities in Australia (FECCA) scholarship, Tandi is passionate about changing help seeking behaviours of migrants who come from countries without well-established mainstream mental health services.

A founder of Mental Health Keys, Tandi promotes awareness of mental health and wellness and positive self-image within some ethnic minority communities. She works with the Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre, ISHAR multicultural women’s centre and The Smith Family. Additionally, Tandi facilitates a targeted program supporting healthy relationships, promoting positive help-seeking behaviour and building mental strength through alternate stories.

Volunteering at events aimed at increasing awareness of mental health and promoting social cohesion is Tandi’s passion. She participated at The Social Impact Festival 2017 (Human library), African Youth Visibility Summit and Conversations with the South Sudanese . To promote social inclusion Tandi sits on the City Of Wanneroo Multicultural Advisory Group. This collective provides feedback and advice on multicultural strategies aimed at promoting inclusion and co-designing multicultural services.

Tandi was featured in The Huffington Post, the North Coast Times, and West TV. She shared her mental health story and insights as a speaker on This Is my Brave (Perth). Tandi continues to work diligently in the multicultural mental health space. She is a host at the first ever Mental Health Film Festival in 2018.